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Hidden Camera 1080p HD Mini SPY Camera Security Micro Wireless Monitor Night Vision Security IP Camera Home Smart CCTV Motion Detection DVR

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1.Why can’t the WIFI Connection add the device?
*Please make sure that before adding the device, the equipment has recovered the factory settings. Press the RESET/MODE key for a long time and see the flash of blue lamp, which means it is resetting and recovering the factory setting. Besides, the camera only supports Wi-Fi signal (2.4GHz). If it is 5G router, please open the dual-frequency mode of the router and select 2.4 G signal.

2.Why is the video recording intermittent?
•1. Under the cloud services, the incident video recording is defaulted. When the incident appears, it can trigger the motion detection to record videos. If there is no incident appearing, do not record videos. If the video recording is empty, do not replay (You can also buy the video recording for a whole day in the service of cloud recording. Then there shall be no interrupt. If there is incident and no video record, there is video recording available to replay)
•2. If the T Card video recording chooses the incident video recording, the motion detection can be triggered to record videos if the incident appears. Without the appearance of incident, there shall be no video recording. If the video recording clips are empty, do not replay. You can choose continuous video recording in the setting, then the video recording is not intermittent. No matter if there is incident, there is always video recording available to replay.

3.Why can’t the mobile phone receive the message of alarm?
*Firstly make sure that the notification push right of the APP on the mobile is open. Then open “motion detection” and “sound monitoring” in the notice setting of APP. Besides, the contemporary time is not within the scheduled time frame of stopping notifing. Normally, if the abnormity is detected, the message will appear in the notification bar of the mobile. If there is any voice or vibration, it depends on the settings in the mobile phone. Besides, when watching the real-time image from APP, the mobile phone can not receive the alarm from the camera you are watching, for the default user is focusing on the monitoring screen at the moment. There is no need to give an alarm. The notice push right of the app from the overseas version is open. “Action/Figure” in the message notice in the device has been open, but the push has not been received. Please confirm whether the mobile phone supports Google services. Part mobile phones, which do not support Google services, can not receive the push, and also need to connect the external website.

4.What if it shows that the camera has disconnected the linkage?
*Firstly confirm whether power and network is normal. If there is not any problem, power off and reboot. If after rebooting, it still keeps dropping off. Please delete the camera in APP and re-add it.

5.How to check the camera if it is offline abnormally?
* Check if the power and network is normal. Insert and pull out the power again , in order to reboot the device. Reconfigure the cameras Check if the network brand at home is more than 4M.
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