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Lover Makers Sex Doll


About Sex Dolls


1. What is sex Dolls?

Unlike the children's dolls that we are familiar with, sex dolls are exclusively for adults. Its shape is perfectly reproduced according to the 1:1 size of a real person. It can be made into a woman, a man, or even a neutral appearance. If you have a unique taste, it can even be a cartoon character in animation. Their skin is usually made of TPE or silicone material, which is safe, non-toxic, and full of elasticity, comparable to human skin. Inside the doll's body, there are metal bones that can support their whole body. They are distributed in the torso, legs, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, feet, etc. the joints of these bones can move freely, and they can pose and do all kinds of actions like human beings. You can make them stand, sit down, even lie down, open their legs, and do whatever you want to do to them.

2. Why do I need to buy a sex doll?

Many people think that buying sex dolls is a shameful and illegal thing. This is not the case. Buying sex dolls should be treated as usual as buying other sex toys. With society's development, more and more people realize that sexual desire is a part of human physiology. Starting from adolescence, it accompanies each of us throughout our lives. We should not suppress our sexual desire because doing so is against human nature. Like animals, humans need to have a good catharsis of their passions to ensure physical and mental health. If people's sexual desires are not properly vented, it will lead to violence and even crime.

Especially during the pandemic, people stay at home and cannot communicate with others. If a person lacks skin-to-skin contact for a long time, it will depress one's spirit. At this time, you need a partner to accompany you through this difficult time. Lifesize sex doll is a perfect choice.
Besides, a real doll is also a good model. If you are a designer or photographer, you can buy a sex doll for photography, fashion, and styling design. He can cooperate with you and bring inspiration to your creation.

3. Is sex doll legal?

The reality is that sex dolls have been trendy in recent years. In many places, real doll experience stores have been set up. People can go to physical stores to talk with sex with sex doll to vent their physiological desires. This has dramatically reduced the local crime rate, so more and more sex dolls experience stores will be encouraged by the government to open. And if you want to have a partner of your own, you can buy sex doll at LoverMakers, just like other small sex toys, which is entirely legal.

4. Why choose us?

Lover makers is a professional doll manufacturer providing OEM and ODM services. The address of our factory is in China. There are some facts that you must clearly understand that 80% of the real dolls in the world are made in China. Our factory's customers are popular brands like WM doll, and our factory also produces their sex dolls.

5. Do the dolls I bought to look the same as those on your website?

Yes, the dolls you buy will be the same as the ones in the picture. Of course, this does not include the clothes shown in the image. The images on the website are all real pictures. Without art processing, what you buy will be the same naked body doll as the pictures.

6. Can the joints of the doll move?

Our doll has built-in metal joints. Her joints are distributed on shoulders, arms, thighs, and other places. It can swing in any posture you need to achieve all the movements of real humans. It's exactly like a real person. She has very soft skin and can maintain almost any proper posture. The range of motion of the doll's joints is excellent, about 180 degrees or more. This does not mean that you can bend the joints in unnatural ways at will, which will cause the joints to break, which is an abuse of a doll. When you use the doll for the first time, the joints may be stiff. You should hold both sides of the joints with your firm hands and be careful not to twist the skin. The joints will make a slight squeaking noise, which is normal and will become less noticeable over time.


7. How much weight can the doll support?

The doll can safely support a weight of more than 400 pounds (about 181 kg).

8. Can I put makeup on the doll?

A professional makeup artist makes our love doll, but you can still try water-based cosmetics at will without affecting her sensitive skin. The chemicals in oily cosmetics may damage the texture, so be careful! You can enhance the experience with your favorite perfumes. They will last for a few days. Most sprays contain alcohol, which may inhibit already soft skin, so it is recommended to use alcohol-free perfume.

9. Why is the makeup of the doll different from the photos?

The picture will have a color different from the doll's actual makeup due to the light and angle. Even if it is the same person, the photos taken will look slightly different from the real person. There is another reason. We will improve or fine-tune the makeup of the doll from time to time. Adjustments include but are not limited to eye shadow, lip gloss, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair. Therefore, there will be a little difference in makeup in different pictures. It can't be the same because each doll's makeup is done by hand.

10. Will makeup come off?

We use a unique material for makeup. This material is non-toxic and harmless, will firmly cover the doll's surface, usually does not fall. You can think of it as a layer. After a long period of rubbing, the makeup may gradually fade. We recommend wiping the makeup on the baby's face without medicine. Of course, if the makeup comes off accidentally, you can completely remake her in the style you like.

11. What is the material of the doll, and is it safe?

Unlike cheap rubber dolls, our dolls are made of high-standard elastic TPE silicone resin (thermoplastic elastomer), which is safe, waterproof and has the highest tear resistance, and it is environmentally friendly.
Our dolls also have a flexible, fully articulated posable skeleton (stainless steel) that allows you to use them in any position you can't imagine.
All of our dolls are carved by experienced sculptors, aiming to provide real sexual pleasure. Their bodies simulate realistic vagina, anus, breasts, and mouth.

12. What is the difference between TPE and Silicone?

TPE has become more popular because it is easier to sculpt, and sex doll sculptors have created sexy and realistic models.
Silicone is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE as the most realistic.
Silicone dolls:
A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.
More expensive.
Easier to clean.
Safe for human contact.
TPE dolls:
TPE is softer to the touch.
More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc.).
The material is more elastic, which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
Good heat retention.
Less expensive.
Safe for human contact.
More care is required to clean and care for it properly.

13. Does the doll contain toxic substances?

Not at all, no matter whether it is TPE or silicone dolls, they do not contain dangerous or itchy ingredients. They are made of the same material as sex toys. And we prove that they can be used safely.

About Privacy & Shipping


1. Will my neighbor see the doll I bought?

No. Our packaging is very confidential and strict. The label does not indicate the nature of the product, nor does it display the bank's transaction data. Just look at the outer packaging, and you do not know what is inside. So you don't have to worry that your neighbors will know that you bought a sex doll unless you tell them. Of course, if they ask, you can tell them that this is a newly purchased bench.

2. Is transportation confidential?

Of course. We know that customer privacy is paramount. We will ship via FedEx, DHL, or UPS according to the delivery address you give. Your doll will be labeled as a "mannequin" (used for customs clearance). Except for the address and consignee's information, no other labels will be displayed on the outer box.

3. I don't want to receive a sex doll at home?

If you don't want to receive the good at home, you can store it at the nearby FedEx/DHL/UPS logistics site and pick it up when you are free. When the goods arrive, the courier will call you, you need to tell them that you like to pick up the good yourself, and they will send it to the pickup point near you.

4. How long is the shipping time?

The time frame of order delivery is divided into two parts:
Processing time: Order verification, quality inspection, and packaging. After placing the order, all inventory orders (if available) will be sent to the fulfillment center for delivery within 48 hours.
If there is no inventory, it only takes 2-3 working days to produce and then ship it to the fulfillment center.
Once the doll is made and shipped, it will arrive within 7-14 days, depending on the time of customs clearance.

5. Are they free shipping?

Yes. We will use UPS/Fedex/TNT to transport your doll, and the specific logistics will be determined according to your address. You only need to place an order to buy, and we will be responsible for door-to-door service. We will handle freight, customs declaration fees, customs duties and all other expenses. The production and transportation of dolls are entirely legal.
The following are free shipping countries.
1). North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
2). Europe: Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Monaco, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, etc.
3). Asia: Malaysia, Japan, China.
4). Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
Note that Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, we will handle customs, but you pay the tax yourself.

About Care & Maintain


1. How to maintain and clean the doll?  

When cleaning the doll, first soak a sponge or towel with water and gently wipe the doll's surface. If there is dirt on the doll's skin, it is recommended to wipe it with soapy water, pay attention to control the intensity, and do not wipe hard. Soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning agents used by the human body are also the best tools for cleaning dolls. It is forbidden to use strong acid and alkali solutions, strong disinfectants, and other corrosive cleaning agents because this will cause irreversible damage to the doll's soft skin. After the doll's skin is dry, apply bath powder or talcum powder on the doll. Recommend baby powder. The maintenance interval varies depending on the service status and storage environment. Preferably at least once a month.  Note, do not expose the doll to the sun for a long time. This may increase the TPE's aging and reduce the service life of the TPE or silicone material.

2. How to store the doll and what should be paid attention to?

The box for the doll is suitable for storage. Besides, we also have an exceptional Storage Ottoman Bench for sale, which can store love dolls. For sex dolls with large breasts, keep a soft bra on top of them when storing. Be careful not to leave underwire bras or clothes on the doll for a long time, because the underwire bra will leave marks on the breasts and affect the appearance.
To improve durability, do not leave it in a highly stretched position for a long time. Although TPE material has excellent elasticity, long-term excessive stretching may cause deformation.
After use, please reposition the model to its original position. The best way to store sex dolls is to place them vertically, preferably hanging from something, perhaps in a closet. You can buy a special hook. By put the sex doll in the shade, she will be protected from harm. Keep it in the closet need prevent moisture, because excessive humidity may make the doll moldy, which is a situation that no one wants to see.
 If there is no possibility of hanging, there are other ways to store the doll. Placing the doll in a sitting position or lying on her back is a common storage position. Just make sure she does not wear any tight clothes or dark fabrics for a long time. After prolonged contact, dark fabrics may stain the skin of the doll.

Do not expose the doll to the sun for a long time. The sun will make the color of the doll fade evenly. Do not place it in an extremely low-temperature environment such as a freezer, as this will cause the doll's limbs to deform. It is safe to maintain at room temperature.

3. How to deal with wrinkles on the doll?

If the doll is placed incorrectly, for example, the body is bent for a long time, it will cause creases and wrinkles on the skin surface. This situation usually occurs when the doll is placed on the chair for a long time, and a line appears on the abdomen. If you want to eliminate this crease, you can use a hot towel less than 65 degrees to cover the crease. Place the doll as horizontally or vertically as possible and keep it in the same posture as before leaving the factory until the wrinkles are reduced and disappeared.

4. The surface of the doll was accidentally scratched, how can I repair it?

If you accidentally scratch the doll's surface with a sharp blade during use (although this rarely happens, it does happen), use TPE glue to seal the wound. (Due to customs restrictions, it is recommended to buy at a local store.) Before pasting, please use makeup remover or clean water to clean the damaged area carefully. When applying TPE glue, make sure that there are no creases on the affected surface. The recovery time is about 30 to 40 minutes.

5. How long can the doll be used?

The life span of sex dolls is 3 to 10 years, depending on usage and care. Sex dolls that you use and move frequently are more likely to suffer wear and tear. Doll owners can do many things to preserve and maintain their sex dolls, including daily cleaning, correct placement. We also have many blog posts to provide you with professional maintenance advice.

6. Can Lovermakers doll take a shower in the bath? 

If you want to clean the doll, we do not recommend you to do so. Just as you clean the TV, you cannot throw it directly into the bathtub, but you can wipe the TV with a rag regularly. Before cleaning the doll, you should first understand the structure of the doll. The doll's inside is made of a metal skeleton, and the outer skin is made of TPE material. The point is here, there is metal inside the doll, which means that water will be its natural enemy. 
If you really want to bathe with the doll (because it will be fun), you must protect the doll's neck. Because the neck is the only place where water can enter. The disadvantage is that if water enters, it is difficult to remove the water. If metal is exposed to water for a long time, it will be corroded. 
The best way to clean the doll is as follows:
*Sprinkle talcum powder on the doll and apply it lightly.
*Wipe gently with a moistened towel in the dirty area.
*As mentioned earlier, do not use alcohol, strong acid, and strong alkali to clean the doll, because it will cause damage its skin.

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